Satellite exhibitions in artist-run initiatives in Stockholm
3–6 September
Satellite exhibitions in artist-run initiatives in Stockholm
3–6 September

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Three quick questions: Laura Ortiz-Vega and Gregorio Barrio from Antena Estudio, Mexico City

Part two of our "Three quick questions" interview series! This time we've spoken more with Laura Ortiz-Vega and Gregorio Barrio from Antena Estudio in Mexico City about their collaboration and specifically the piece "Celula" which will be exhibited at Supermarket 2015. 

Hi Laura and Gregorio! Who are you?
We are artists from very different backgrounds. Gregorio is a Traditional Artist from an indigenous group in Mexico called "Huicholes" and I am a Contemporary self taught artist from Mexico City.

Could you tell us about your piece "Celula"?
Laura: "Celula"is the first collaboration between Gregorio and me. This work is a combination of traditional techniques and contemporary urban imagery. As Huichol Art has been the most influential form of art in my work, having the opportunity to collaborate with one of the masters of this art, represents to me a more profund understanding of the culture of my country.
For me, "Celula" contains all the information necessary to develop a new visual vocabulary based on the traditional ritualistic imagery of the Huicholes and graphic elements of urban art. It represents the contrast between the old and the new but more than the contrast, it represents the balance and the point of departure to rethink and revaluate the tradition.

What do you look forward to the most at Supermarket?
We think that Supermarket is the perfect opportunity to share a part of our culture with a fresh and open public as are the Nordic people. We are very excited for our participation at the fair!


Take a look at Lauras website and an interview with Gregorio (in French)


Photo credit: Laura Ortiz-Vega and Gregorio Barrio

Three quick questions: Warren King from Detroit Stockholm

Today we're starting a new format on the blog: introducing four interesting artists that will exhibit at Supermarket 2015! The first artist is Warren King whose life size cardboard sculpture "Shaoxing Group, China" will be shown by gallery Detroit Stockholm.

Hi Warren! Who are you? 
Hi! I'm Warren, and I do sculpture, mostly figures using cardboard from boxes. I'm pretty new to the art world -- I only started doing it seriously about 2 years ago when I moved to Stockholm. Before that, I worked at software companies doing data analysis for big corporations, and before that I was a structural engineer designing stadiums and office buildings. Nowadays I cut cardboard full time.

Could you tell us a little bit about ”Shaoxing Group, China”?
That project started after a visit to my grandparents' hometown in China. It was my first time in China, and as we wandered around the streets we met some elderly residents and stopped to chat. As it turned out, these people knew my grandparents from 50 years ago. It was very profound -- the sense of having lost touch with this part of my past, and then rediscovering it by chance. So this series of sculptures -- which is an ongoing project to recreate the residents of that village one person at a time - is sort of an expression of my attempts to understand those connections. 

What do you look forward to the most at Supermarket?
I've only exhibited once before, and that was a bit scary. Coming from a very technical background, I'm not used to putting creative output into the world for strangers to scrutinize, especially stuff as personal as this. But it was really amazing to see all of the different, unpredictable ways people react. Supermarket is on another level completely, and the people who attend are typically open-minded and looking for something new, so I'm looking forward to experiencing the reactions from that crowd. And of course, like the other attendees, I'm excited to get immersed in the diversity of ideas, motivations, disciplines. Which also happens to be why I joined Detroit Stockholm.

Instagram:  @wrnking

Shaoxing Group, China
Photo credit: Warren King
Warren King
Photo credit: Warren King

The Nordic Art Association Sweden/Supermarket residency 2015 to Open Place, Kyiv.

Supermarket proudly announces that Open Place from Kyiv, Ukraine has been selected for the Nordic Art Association Sweden/Supermarket residency 2015.

Prior to Supermarket 2015 in mid-April, they are offered to stay and work in the guest flat/studio in Malongen, in Stockholm’s hipster-est neighbourhoods!

We also want to thank all of you who sent in great applications!

The Nordic Art Association Sweden/Supermarket residency 2015


The Nordic Art Association and Supermarket offer one of the participating galleries to access the Nordic guest studio residency in Malongen for two weeks before Supermarket 2015. The gallery can nominate an artist or group who may live and work in the studio 1–20 April.

Do you want to apply for the Nordic Art Association Sweden/Supermarket residency 2015?
Sign in and edit your application. We added the notification of interest at the end of the online application form.


The result is announced on the website within three weeks.

Malongen residency studio

Application open

The online application is now open. You can write in English or Swedish.
A tip is to present an exhibition idea where the art is in focus. The competition is going to be tough this year.

The final deadline is 15 October 24:00.

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