Autumn 2020
Venue TBA
Autumn 2020
Venue TBA

Some of last year's exhibitors...

Ta·da ⋅ Copenhagen, Denmark

Ta·da is an exhibition space, run by Rikke Goldbech and Anne-Louise Knudsen, currently located in a laundromat in Copenhagen, DK. The exhibitions always consist of 9 x A3 formats placed above the washing machines. Furthermore, the exhibiting artists both local and international, have interacted differently with the space; showing live...

tm•galleria ⋅ Helsinki, Finland

Contemporary, experimental exhibitions: paintings and painting based installations, changing every third week. Artists are selected on the basis of applications by the Exhibition Committee, which consists of artists. tm•gallery is managed by Finnish Painters' Union, which is a nationwide artists' association and as such the biggest artists'...

FFTN ⋅ Saint Petersburg, Russia

In one of recent media publications FFTN was called “a place, that is full of heart”, so the key goal is to bring its special atmosphere and art to the Supermarket. Saint-Petersburg as well as the whole Russia hasn’t being very optimistic place recently. Collapse of social sphere, never changing politicians, vulnerable position of art workers...

Galleri Gotland ⋅ Visby, Sweden

Oidipus x 2 – The living complex? What is today's taboo? What is the modern taboo? When we live in a society where more and more people are accepting things from one day to another, we must go into the depths and find the most banal thing we know to find todays taboo. The core of time and of the past in our living. A taboo that is universal,...

What is Supermarket?

The goal of SUPERMARKET, the international artist-run art fair, is to provide a showcase for artists' initiatives from all over the world and to create opportunities for new networks in the Swedish as well as the international art scene.

The exhibitors are generally not-for-profit exhibition spaces. In addition to the exhibition, the event includes a seminar programme, a performance art stage and a meeting programme for networking.

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