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14-16 February 2014

Supermarket 2015 will take place 17–19 April 2015 in a new venue that will soon be announced.

Some of this year's exhibitors...

Slide typer och forekomster sjodin detalj
ID:I Galleri ⋅ Stockholm, Sweden

Asymmetriska samtal; tala i mun på varandra.
Slink in, haka på, glid över, berätta för mig var det börjar
Vi talar,
tungan på bilden
Var är centrum?

Talking without symmetry; speaking on each other.
Slip in, hook on, slide over, tell me where it begins?
We speak,
tongue on the picture
where is the...

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Gallery Nectar / GeoAIR ⋅ Tbilisi, Georgia

Gallery Nectar / GeoAIR

Gallery Nectar represents an artistic space for contemporary non-mainstream, regional and outsider art in Tbilisi. The gallery is on Agmashenebeli Avenue in the midst of small beauty and wedding shops in one of the oldest quarters of the city and near to the open art market.

GeoAIR is backed with rich experience of...

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Duplex100m2 ⋅ Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Since 2004, Duplex100m2 has supported the art scene of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Balkans. It hosts numerous artists and enables the production, exhibition and presentation of their works. It organises exhibitions on local, regional and international levels; it enhances the visibility of art in Bosnia and Herzegovina outside of...

Slide installation love is a dog from hell web
00130Gallery Helsinki ⋅ Helsinki, Finland

00130 Gallery Helsinki contemporary art association was established in 2005.

From the beginning, it has been an artist-run, nonprofit space. The main idea behind the gallery’s ideology is to support young contemporary artists and non-commercial projects working in different media.