Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

14-16 February 2014

SUPERMARKET 2014 took place from 14-16 February at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Stockholm.

Some of this year's exhibitors...

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QWERTY ⋅ Odense, Germany

QWERTY is a group consisting of 8 artists who have worked together for the last seven years with different kinds of exhibitions. One of the main goals is to meet people with art, instead of the more passive approach of just hanging stuff on the wall.


QWERTY Real Estate Agency.

At Supermarket 2014 QWERTY is a Real Estate Agency.
We will...

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The Artists’ Association of Oulu shows recent artworks by four artists: Jaakko Pernu, Jyrki Poussu, Kari Södö and Jussi Valtakari. It’s a professional association, which works in cultural and artistic spheres. It promotes the visual arts in Oulu, and Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu regions. The association...

Slide atelj hea horisonter  thomas magnusson
Ateljén Hea ⋅ Sunne, Sweden

Ateljén Hea has been an exhibition project for five years.

The exhibition idea is a consequence of the informal meetings that take place between artists: discussions where interpretation, and the different functions and possibilities of the artistic language, are constantly at work. Though their techniques are different, what the artists...

Slide 20130715 111821 berg pa fundamentet press
ID:I Galleri ⋅ Stockholm, Sweden

Asymmetriska samtal; tala i mun på varandra.
Slink in, haka på, glid över, berätta för mig var det börjar
Vi talar,
tungan på bilden
Var är centrum?

Talking without symmetry; speaking on each other.
Slip in, hook on, slide over, tell me where it begins?
We speak,
tongue on the picture
where is the...